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About The Wild Life

Throughout her life, The Wild Life founder, Krissy has found healing in nature. Following an ADHD diagnosis at 30, she became aware of why spending time outdoors has been so transformative for her wellbeing, and how people with disabilities - physical or mental - are able to experience nature powerfully through senses other than sight: touch, smell, sound.


The Wild Life exists to redefine what it means to adventure and remove the barriers that stop women from doing so.  Women remain underrepresented in the outdoors (an, historically, male world) and are some of the most nature-deprived people in the UK.  We are here to facilitate connection, friendship and adventure, and empower women to find freedom and self-expression in nature - come as you are and we will make space for you.

About Krissy

Formerly an island girl, I now live in Cornwall. After years of chasing a dream career led me to burnout, I am now a full-time mum (a little patriarchal discrimination towards mums played a part in my lack of a job!). I am busy introducing my daughter to the outdoors and attempting to create a job and lifestyle that suits me and my family.


I am a lover of nature, sea swimming, hiking, connecting with others, escapism, and a cuppa. I was born to advocate, to fight for social justice. I founded The Wild Life in an effort to combine my love for the outdoors and my passion for equal access to nature.  But, also, because I no longer believe in staying quiet and small in, what I have been taught is a man's world > I'm tired of rules, tired of narrow thinking, and tired of oppression!


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